Important links for prospective Belgian sheepdog owners

I’ll update this post periodically.  There’s always lots of websites out there, some good, some bad, and these are the ones I’ve found really useful.


First, the basic stuff —

The regional club I belong to:

The national club:

Important lines in Violet’s pedigree:,  Linda McCarty’s site has tons of great information.  Her puppy manual is a must-read.

For Max’s breeder and lines in his pedigree:,, and

Max’s people are members of Raritan BSC:

A great pedigree research site:

And of course, the AKC:  I’ve taken Violet to the local kennel clubs for classes, but can’t decide which one I want to join.  Salisbury Maryland KC has great conformation, puppy kindergarten, and agility classes, but Talbot KC has good obedience, rally and tracking classes. 

For those who might want to adopt a rescued Belgian of any flavor, rather than raise a puppy:,, and

To check health clearances on the parents of any puppy you might want to get:  You will find both Violet’s and Max’s clearances here.  Both have CHIC numbers.

Then there’s Belg-L.  From really good discussions about canine diseases, training methods, and great dogmobiles to satin ball recipes and Mary Alice Theriot’s Terv antics, you just can’t beat it for sources of info about all things Belgian.  Join it.  And get the daily digest!


For information on epilepsy, a dreadful disease that crops up in this breed —

A readable article on the genetic research: 

A more scholarly article for hard-core science geeks:

A database on affected dogs across all varieties:


I am a die-hard canine nutrition nut.  My father-in-law says Violet eats better than I do.  He’s right.

I feed Violet a modified raw diet and Wysong kibble for her vitamins and minerals.  Wysong’s not inexpensive, but it is one of the best foods out there.  Most of the other premium foods have had voluntary recalls.  The website Dog Food Advisor,, is invaluable in choosing a commercial diet.  They also have an email alert you can sign up to receive whenever a recall is issued.  I highly recommend this site. 

I also use Wholistic Pet Organics’ Canine Complete and their kelp in Violet’s evening semi-raw meal.  The stuff works. 

And no, I do not get a kickback from either company for saying this. 

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