Let’s take this thing for a test spin, shall we?

A still backwater at Wye Island

A still backwater at Wye Island

I’m Eleanor Hudson (Elen to friends and family), an over-educated, highly creative, terminally curious, wildly liberal, and joyfully if exasperatedly married woman.  Don’t expect a lot of politics here — I have other places to vent my outrage.  Do expect a lot about my journey from a part-time fiber artist/costumer to academic and back again, about my gardening, and especially about my Belgian sheepdogs.  But do be warned, you might have to tolerate some of my Unitarian-Universalist stuff, adventures in gluten-free cooking, enjoyment of books, music, fine arts, and home renovation.

My home-based studio is called Peregrine Spirit Heartworks.  Why that name?  Well, I have a long-standing thing about peregrine falcons.  They can be trained to falconry and yet be returned to the wild.  They are the fastest creature on earth, and their migratory range is immense.  Peregrine means wanderer, after all.  I too am a bit of a wanderer at heart, and my mental travels far outstrip my actual journeys.

I’m an avid gardener, have been since I was a toddler wandering around the blueberry bushes behind my Mormor.  Nature inspires me, soothes my soul, and tending Mother Earth in my own quarter acre gives me immense satisfaction.

Lastly, and by no means least, this is also about my Belgian sheepdogs.  Well, to be precise, just one right now.  But in three weeks I expect my first litter.  I’ve chosen the name Lyonesse for my kennel.  My foundation bitch is Hobbiton’s Violette des Ardennes Noire.  My Violet has 10 points towards her championship (including a 4-pt. major), her CGC, and has passed her therapy dog test.  She’s been bred to Ch. Folklor’s Big Over Easy HT, or Max as the Buckwalters affectionately call him.  Puppies are due in about three weeks.

Photos, headings, contact information regarding wearable art and dogs, will all show up eventually.  Please bear with the virtual construction zone….

This is just the beginning….

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